A Murphy bed (or Wall bed or Sico bed) is a bed that flips up at the head end for
vertical storage behind cabinetry. To achieve this, the mattress is attached to the bed
frame, often with a bolt at each corner. Murphy beds are used for space-saving
purposes, much like a trundle bed is.

Since the late 1900s, Murphy Beds have been incorporated into modular cabinetry with
glass, mirrors, lighting, or additional units for entertainment storage or computer

The names are often spelt as one word; Murphybed, Sicobed, Wallbed, Murphybeds,
Sicobeds, Wallbeds
William L. Murphy applied for a patent for the Murphy bed on April 1, 1916 and was granted
Design Patent D49,273 on June 27, 1916. Murphy started the Murphy Wall Bed Company and
began production in San Francisco. In January 1990 the company changed its name to the
"Murphy Bed Co. Inc."

These beds make appearances in movies, as they lend themselves to slapstick humor in which
people are trapped when the bed folds into the upright position, carrying the person on the bed
inside. For example, in Stanley Kramer's comedy It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, the smarmy
Otto Meyer (Phil Silvers) gets thrown from the fire truck ladder, through a window and onto a
Murphy bed, which promptly retracts into the wall. In Mel Brooks' Silent Movie, a hotel's neon
sign advertises "Murphy Beds — Charming to the Unsophisticated". Modern Murphy beds
utilize a counterbalance system making it near impossible to get trapped.[citation needed]

In 1989 an appellate court held that the term "Murphy bed" is no longer entitled to trademark
cover because a substantial majority of the public perceive the term as a generic term for a
bed that folds into a wall, rather than the specific model made by the Murphy Bed Co.  A similar
type of bed is the hideaway bed, first patented in 1885 by Sarah E. Goode.
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